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Gated QC Process

As part of our dedication to continuous improvement and providing our customer with the best product possible, we continue to refine and improve our rigorous quality controls in manufacturing. It’s a regimen that includes numerous gated checkpoints to inspect and verify that all quality standards have been met and exceeded throughout production.

Instead of one final QC check when the unit is completed and where hidden problems may go undetected, we follow a gated QC process to inspect sub-assemblies at key stages in the build process. At each “gate” review, a team leader and QC manager must personally inspect and sign off on the quality of each assembly. If any issue is detected along the way, the unit is immediately flagged for full correction and must pass re-inspection before it progresses to the next stage. Upon full assembly, there is a final QC inspection, performed by the supervisor and QC manager. Following any corrections needing to be made, a root cause investigation is implemented to refine safeguards and processes to prevent the issue from being repeated.

Our gated QC process is another step in our quest to deliver defect-free, quality units that are ready to work for you, right from the start.

Just one final inspection? Not here.

10/60/20 Testing and Validation™

To help ensure every unit is delivered to the customer ready for the job, our 10/60/20 Testing and Validation is conducted on every unit as part of our pre-delivery inspection. It first involves cycling of all hydraulics ten times, immediately followed by a sixty-minute on-road test drive over a variety of surfaces to verify hydraulics and components are correctly installed. When the unit returns from the test drive, all hydraulics are final-tested with 20 cycles, at normal operating temps.

This rigorous PDI testing and validation process checks for operational correctness, proper function of all systems and can reveal issues like hydraulic leaks that might otherwise go undetected. By shaking down every unit at normal operating temperatures over an extended period, 10/60/20 Testing and Validation ensures performance and reliability before customer delivery.

Committed to our people, our community and you.

Investment and growth

E-Z Pack continues to invest in its facilities, product, processes and people. Some of these investments include two state-of-the-art paint finishing booths and the addition of new sub-assembly fixturing, as well as the integration of robotic welding capabilities.

Additionally, the company continues to reconfigure its Cynthiana, Kentucky, manufacturing plant for lean production, bringing in experts to head up the efforts in optimizing factors such as material flow and a gated QC process with quality control checkpoints to improve efficiency and product quality.

Taken together, these investments underscore the company’s commitment to serve its customers and provide stable, long-term value and relationships with employees, the community, our suppliers, our customers and in our respective industries at large.