Apollo Rear Loader

Apollo A300C Mid-range

Mid-range capacity, heavy-duty attitude

Apollo Rear Loader Features

Compaction Cycle:

Manual hydraulic, automatic split cycle, fully reversible

Cycle Time:

26 seconds, reload in 9 seconds

Packer Panel:

Curved, one-piece construction

Ejector Panel:

Travels in steel guide shoes, floor-level track

Packing Cylinders:

Positioned away from refuse for trouble-free operation

Ejector Cylinder:

Heavy-duty, double-acting, telescopic

  • No onboard computers make it simple — Relay logic instead of computers or PLCs makes diagnosis and repair quick and easy. Troubleshoot with a test light.

    No onboard computers make it simple

  • Simple, easy-to-use integrated controls — Easy to learn. Easy to understand and maintain. No programming skills required.

    Simple, easy-to-use integrated controls

  • Clear sightlines — No control box in cab to block sightlines.

    Clear sightlines

  • Gladiator cylinders — Purpose-built cylinders. Extended warranty. Nitrocarburized sleeves and rods. Next Gen scraper technology. Unique hydraulic flow—no mis-staging.

    Gladiator cylinders

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