G300 Rear Loader

Goliath G300C High Compaction

Mid-size price, full-size payloads

Get running faster and stay running longer.

Simplified field diagnosis and repair—by design.

In an industry bent on selling you more and more complexity, many operators are looking for greater simplicity, fewer parts and faster diagnosis and repair—not downtime for software updates. Our products are technically advanced and expertly designed for a different goal: making your life simpler and keeping your equipment running at full capacity. In other words, simple rules. Straightforward wiring, easy access, fewer lines, faster operator and technician training and fast in-field diagnosis and repair.

G300 Rear Loader Features

Compaction Cycle:

Manual hydraulic, automatic split cycle, fully reversible

Cycle Time:

28 - 30 seconds, reload in 10 - 12 seconds

Packer Panel:

Curved, one-piece construction

Ejector Panel:

Travels in steel guide shoes, floor-level track

Packaging Cylinders:

Positioned away from refuse for trouble-free operation

Ejector Cylinder

Heavy-duty, double-acting, telescopic

  • No onboard computers make it simple — Relay logic instead of computers or PLCs makes diagnosis and repair quick and easy. Troubleshoot with a test light.

    No onboard computers make it simple

  • Simple, easy-to-use integrated controls — Easy to learn. Easy to understand and maintain. No programming skills required.

    Simple, easy-to-use integrated controls

  • Clear sightlines — No control box in cab to block sightlines.

    Clear sightlines

  • Gladiator cylinders — Purpose-built cylinders. Extended warranty. Nitrocarburized sleeves and rods. Next Gen scraper technology. Unique hydraulic flow—no mis-staging.

    Gladiator cylinders

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